Tonies - On the Road with Peppa Pig

Tonies - On the Road with Peppa Pig

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It’s time to go on the road with Peppa Pig, George and their family! Our favorite pig is here with a new audio collection of funny stories, music and special effects from the TV series for everyone to enjoy – perfect for any journey! Children will be transported to Peppa’s fun world and delight in stories of Peppa Goes Around the World, Peppa Goes Skiing, Miss Rabbit’s Day Off, George’s Balloon and many more. This Tonie teaches kids about: Friendship, strengthening family bonds, travel & adventure, giving back.

Stories include:

1. Peppa Goes Around the World; 2. George’s Balloon; 3. Peppa Goes on Holiday; 4. Peppa Goes Skiing; 5. Peppa Goes Boating; 6. Miss Rabbit’s Day Off; 7. Peppa’s New Neighbors; 8. Peppa’s Fishy Friends; 9. Peppa and the Noisy Baby

Total Run Time: 60 minutes

Individual Tonies are sold separately.

Ages 3 and up