Calico Critters-Silk Cat Family

Calico Critters-Silk Cat Family


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Fred has loved to dance ever since he was a little boy and he's learned all kinds of dancing. He's does well at ballroom dancing and dances with his wife Holly. He's usually a quiet sort, but he comes alive when he gives dance lessons to the children. Fred is also the chef of the seaside restaurant at the Sea Breeze Cape. He catches seafood himself and cooks meals for his customers from his fresh catch. The plates in the restaurant have patterns that Fred painted himself. Holly loves drinking herbal tea by the window. She likes lace and always wears a lace shawl she's knitted herself. Toby is kind and caring to everybody. If one of his friends is sad, he goes and cheers them up. At home, he performs the dances he's learned from his father Fred. Toby's little brothers and sisters love his dance shows. Tiffany's dream is to be a fashion designer. Her sketchbook is full of her designs. She's too shy to show her sketches to people often, but she hopes that someday all her friends will wear the clothes she's designed.

Ages 3 and up