Grom Pogo Stick

Grom Pogo Stick

National Sporting Goods

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The NSG Grom Pogo Stick is the choice for young pogo jumpers everywhere! Delivering sport-level performance, the NSG Grom Pogo Stick is perfect for boys and girls ready to trade conventional for innovative pogo-stick jumping fun! Strong and durable, the Flight Pogo Stick is equipped with: Low Friction Spring Technology (LFS Tech) -for a quieter, smoother and higher bounce. Durable hydro-formed steel shell. Industrial-strength concealed steel springs. Progressive spring with wider weight range - for greater heights and helps dampen sudden stops. Strong steel piston with replaceable sphere tip –for better balance and control. Pressed steel footplate -for better stability and control. Co-molded rubber grips –for comfort. 

Ages 5-9 and up, 40 to 90 lbs