12 Gel Crayons

12 Gel Crayons

Faber Castell

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SMOOTH GEL CRAYONS: This kit includes 12 super soft gel crayons. Their buttery texture, brilliant colors, and superior blending help you create works of art with ease. They’re great on textures, dark surfaces, glass, mirrors, and more! PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS: Faber-Castell Gel Crayons are incredibly beneficial for teaching individuals the basics of drawing, coloring, and blending. The jumbo size of these crayons are great for young artist's small hands! INCLUDES CARRYING CASE: To make it easy for anyone to be an artist on-the-go, this kit of gel crayons includes a sturdy plastic storage case and book for easy transportation. FOR ADULTS AND CHILDREN: Whether you’re buying this kit for a young child interested in the arts or looking to take them up yourself, the gel crayons in this kit have ideal ease of use. The chunky size is perfect for small hands, and their superior blending capability helps older individuals learn the basics of color manipulation.

 Ages 3 and up